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School Infrastructure


The situation of our school building is surrounded all sided by the sub-urban colonies of the southern part of Agra Maha Nagar, on Gwalior Road in such a way that our strength of the students is full filled mostly by the locals.

For the remaining distance coming wards, our Parents Association have made their own Transportation arrangements with the help of the school management while providing free three wheeler and four-wheeler parking facilities for such vehicles in the school campus. We always discuss the transportation safety issues with the parents on open days. The district transport authorities are also cooperative to us.


  1. Specious campus with airy classrooms
  2. Rich library with new arrivals & periodicals
  3. Natural environment auditorium
  4. Experimental practical labs.
  5. Multiple sports complex
  6. Student own canteen
  7. Provision of experienced faculty
  8. Creative socio cultural & literary inputs with housing system