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Continuous & Comprehensive Evaluation(CCE) Approach

Continuous & Comprehensive spirit to enrich our whole teaching & learning situations so as to produce a student productive to himself, family, society & nation in a practical Approach.

  1. CCE approach extended to VIII from I on wards
  2. Class IX, X covered as per CBSE schedule

Execution norms

  1. Periodical orientation of teachers by experts from with in & outside.
  2. Participatory Teaching Learning activities made compulsory in classrooms.
  3. Resourcing Life skill area and motivational of students & teachers.
  4. Resourcing IT & the individual available Unit for FA’s.
  5. Resourcing TEACHER’S DIARIES for classification of students & a few Parent volunteers.
  6. Preparation of subject & ski9ll wise check list for evaluation.

Our School, being co-ed, the cultural inputs, Craft projection and Fine art activities flow from the Morning assembly to the occasional Inter-house competitions being held. We also have a regular exposer of such skills on every Last day of the month which is a parents open day. The subject wise project activities are so managed where parents involvement is made voluntary with their suggestions.