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School Anthem

School Anthem

O God! You great,

We love you all.

May our life be Success, We trust you for.

O mother! O father! O teacher! We pray,

We follow you all, you show us the way.

This world is yours

We learn what you do

O god! Give us courage to make us our way.

We are the buds

Let us grow to be rose,

S. S School is ours let us read and play

A True SS dian

Yes I Remember

0, my father let me tell you.

I shall never disappoint you,

ever I shall do my duty

O, my teacher I assure you,

school is my dream of heaven

knowledge is my first target,

I shall Leave no stone unturned

impossible is no word I said.

may be doctor, pleader teacher,

pilot, soilder, political leader

ever I shall serve my nation

never I shall betray my mother